If you are working for ford, then myfordbenefits.com is definitely for you. To be able to login to
this my ford benefits employee portal, you need to be an employee at Ford.  You will be able to access this website, when you register yourself at myfordbenefits.com.

Myfordbenefits login

  • Your social security number is your initial user ID to be used at myfordbenefits portal.
  • Your date of birth in the mmddyy format is your initial pin.
  • Once you login for the first time to my ford benefits, you will be required to change your user pin and your user ID and PIN.
  • You have to keep your user ID and PIN information confidentially.
  • If you want to gain access to the information related to your benefits in your log in or if you want to perform the permitted transactions through your employee login dashboard, you have to you need this user ID and PIN.
  • Click here for instant login www.myfordbenefits.com
  • You can login to your dashboard by entering your user id and password.
  • If you have forgotten your user ID, You have to click on forgot my user ID link to follow the screen proceeds to get your user ID.
  • If you have forgotten your PIN, you have to click on forgot my PIN link to follow the screen proceeds to get your pin.
  • If you need login help, you have to click on the login help link.
  • If you are a first time user you have to complete the initial user login and the standard registration process.
  • Apart from this, you will be required to enter security questions and answers, and an email address, which will be specifically used to help you reset your pin or receive your user ID in case you forget your initial user id and password.

Enrolling Yourself for Benefits
If you are planning to enroll yourself for the benefits offered by Ford, first of all you need to learn
about the eligibility rules. You need to learn about the cost that you should pay for the benefits
offered.   After understanding the benefits that you can get for the cost you pay, you can decide
on a suitable benefit for the forthcoming year.

If you are already enrolled you need to make the required changes in benefits you are looking
for each year by logging in using your Myfordbenefits login. If you do not make the changes,
the benefits that you have been receiving the previous year will continue. If you are married you
might want to discuss the benefits with your spouse before finalizing your decisions.

You can make use of the annual enrollment checklist to decide on the benefits that you might
want to revise depending upon the needs of your family.

There are a wide variety of personal insurance and family coverage programs that will help you
decide on the benefits that will suit the financial, family, health and wellness goals of your family.
You can go through the voluntary benefits program to choose the options that suit your needs.
When the dues are deducted from the payroll you need not be worried about having to
remember the due dates and payments.